Improving Your Life

This page gives a brief overview of what the ‘Improving Your Life Network’ is all about, and more specifically details the site itself..

So.. the scope of the network is to provide help, information, and resources in a variety of areas, all of which have a significant impact on the quality of your life.

It is planned that each topic has its’ own website linked to the other sites in the network.
Subjects currently included or planned are;

Self-improvement & personal development
Lean Living, health, fitness, life structure & organisation, diet & nutrition…etc.
online organisation & resources
personal relationships, & dating
workplace organisation, lean manufacturing, office organisation, activity management, lifestyle balance (work, leisure, home, etc)

While it is impossible to adequately explain here on a single page, there is an obvious thread running through all of the above which is not just improving your life, but optimising every waking hour.

Think of it this way..

When your get to an age that you just want to slow down and reflect on what you did with your life, it is essential that you can look back and be satisfied with what you achieved in your life and the legacy you will leave behind.

What will you be remembered for? Will the world be a better place for you having past through it?

Which leads me neatly on to the scope of the improving-your site itself:

The only sensible starting point for any life improvement journey is yourself; your thinking, attitude, beliefs, and emotions that drive EVERYTHING that you do, enjoy, hate, love, fail, or succeed in your life.

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.

This is your ’emotional intelligence’ which is not purely inherited like you intellectual IQ which we are all told is so important to our success and happiness… it can be developed and improved by simple thinking and coaching exercises…

So, this is the starting point and the primary topic of the site.

As all the sites inter-link and cover different aspects of life improvement, and as you will see there is a clear starting point which will start to unlock your potential and become the ‘roadmap’ to your success and prosperity.

This is the ‘LifeTracker’ Assessment and the ‘Lean Mind ; The Power Of Self-Awareness’ module which will follow (both of which are free when you sign up for the newsletter)…
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