Lean Toolbox

www.lean-toolbox.com is where you can find resources & strategies for ‘lean living’.

So what is ‘lean living’?

Well, it’s a very broad and far-reaching subject; basically, a set of strategies to make all aspects of everyday life more efficient, structured, and under control… saving time and money and improving health , well-being, and consequently success, fulfillment and happiness.
A ‘lean’ life encompasses not only improved organisation, but also, health and fitness, diet and nutrition, etc…. ie. ‘lean body’.

In short, it is the second step to a successful and fulfilled life the first step is ‘self-improvement’ as detailed in the improving-your-life.com website).

‘lean living’ strategies are derived from the principles of ‘lean manufacturing’; 5S, workflow, kanban, etc….

…consequently, lean-toolbox is split into two main sections:

  1. A comprehensive guide to lean manufacturing; providing explanation, resources, and a roadmap to successful lean change.
  2. Lean living: step by step guide to making all aspects of your life ‘lean’.